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Whatever the occasion, whichever cruise you choose- We guarantee you will have the best luxury pontoon charter experience!

Cessna Landing which is located central to Santa Rosa Beach, FL. We recommend using Google Maps for directions.

Usually, it takes 40 min-1 hour each way depending on several factors such as how much weight is on the boat, water and or wind conditions, speed, etc.

20 miles, 40 mile round trip

We can take up to 11 people plus captain.

Book two Luxury Cruises so you get two boats. No LEGAL charter can take more than 13 people plus captain.

We operate under different regulations. There is commercial law and recreational law. We operate under recreational law which allow us to take more people.

Estimated ballpark total is usually around $1392 or so, give or take. (Currently off season rates).

Simply, we provide more value. We have the highest quality, largest, most powerful, and best equipped luxury pontoon boats in the area. All of the captains we work with are master rated well experienced (hence; master rated) captains that know our area and waters like second nature. We offer more convenience. We can take more people than most.

We do not.

Yes just no dye colors like red, yellow, etc

Florida is known for pop up rain and small short lived storms that come and go; you will not be refunded for cancellations made due to rain or storms that occur while you are on the water or rain in a forecast that is over 72 hours prior to your departure date. Bad weather, defined as severe and resulting in a small craft advisory issued for the Bay by US Coast Guard do to lightning and or high winds (25 mph or higher); you can cancel the booking and receive a refund minus the non-refundable deposit.

Yes we have big multi person lily pads and other toys for rent.

A lily pad and some personal floats are included with all of our cruises but we also offer the option to add an 11 ft inflatable paddle board, 3 person tube, and floating trampoline. Just add to your booking during the booking process.

A Charterer is a person or organization that charters a boat, aircraft, or bus. In your case, its a boat (obviously ;)).

The charterer plans the boat’s voyage (aka trip, aka cruise) and the arrangements for the handling of cargo (items, toys, belongings) during loading and unloading. As such, he is responsible for the safety of the ship/boat, its crew, and the cargo. The charter party is signed between the shipowner/boat owner and the charterer.

A valid and legitimate Bareboat Charter is an agreement where the Charterer (the person or organization that charters the boat) has use of the vessel (boat) for a period of time and is considered the owner. A charterer takes on the legal obligations, is responsible for the crew, passengers carried, and others.

Elements of a valid and legitimate Bareboat charter may include: 


1) The charterer must have the option of selecting & paying crew, although the owner may require general levels of proficiency for the crew that is retained based on federal statutes;

2) The master/crew are paid by the charterer;

3) All food, fuel and stores are provided by the charterer;

4) Insurance is obtained by the charterer;

5) The charterer is responsible for the safe navigation of the vessel;

6) A platform for events that does not involve consideration, even when moored at the pier; and

7) The vessel is surveyed upon return to the owner.

Yes. As the legal Charterer (boat owner/lessee), you are fully liable and responsible for the boat, crew, and anything else related to the charter for the term of the booking no matter what happens. 

Yes, you're both responsible and liable for the crew, boat, and anything else related to your booking.

No, that is why you hired the captain or crew… so you don’t have to navigate or concern yourself with knowing where to go or knowing marine rules etc. The captains from our list are all very experienced and know our waters very well.

No. Again, as the valid Charterer; the owner of the boat for the term of the booking… you are fully responsible and liable for everything; yourself, your passengers, your crew or captain, everything on the boat etc.

Yes, you are the Charterer so you own the boat for the term of the booking. Meaning, you are fully responsible and liable for anything that happens. You don’t have to fix the damage yourself, however, we will charge your card on file for the cost of repairs.

It depends on how much you want to relax or if you just want to visit for a short bit and do other things or head back to port and move on with your day. 4 hours allows for about 2 hours or so to be spent at Crab Island before heading back back to port. We usually recommend 8 Hours if you really want to just relax and enjoy your day without having to worry about time so much. 8 hours allows much more time at Crab Island, additionally; enjoy checking out the beaches on the south side of Crab Island, tour the Destin Harbor, have a meal at one of the local water front restaurants such as The Gulf, Boathouse Oyster Bar, etc, go dolphin spotting (if they are out and about), possibly even tour the Sandestin’s Baytowne Marina to see all the beautiful motor yachts on display. You will need to plan this out a bit if you decide to fit all that in but these are just recommendations which you can choose all or part of.

Yes, all boats in our fleet are equipped with all US Coast Guard approved and required safety equipment.

Florida law requires children 6 and under to wear a life jacket while under way. They can take them off when moored or and anchor.

YES they count meaning NO you cannot not put more than 11 people plus captain on the boat (a person is a body, kids, babies, and infants are bodies). US Coast Guard law allow us to take up to 11 people plus captain.

We can accommodate up to 24 total people on our pontoon boats.

We are currently on off season rates. A 1.5 hour around $477. 4 hour around $782. 8 hour is around $1392

These numbers include fuel, lily pad, cooler with ice, other floats, and captain. NOTE* captain is paid separately and directly.

We do provide the lily pad and cooler with ice but, in order to be in compliance with US Coast Guard law we are not allowed to include everything in our pricing. We are required to itemize prices. Meaning, the boat (the cruise in our case), crew (captain), fuel (refill after the booking), toys, etc are all itemized when you book. You will pay the captain directly prior to your booking (Captain hiring fees are quoted in the Luxury Cruise descriptions, in the booking process where you will agree and acknowledge them, in your confirmation email, and finally in your Charterer Agreement & Waiver linked in your confirmation email. Fuel can either be paid as a flat rate during the booking process or will be surcharged to the card on file after the booking takes place.



ALL Bookings are final No rescheduling within 72 hours prior to booking.

We can refund the balance paid less the non-refundable deposit at any time. We can also reschedule up to 72 hours prior to cruise date as long as dates and times are available.

We offer coolers with ice for you to rent.

There is a list of captains in the Charterer Agreement & Waiver. You can call Captain Jonny Spector from that list if you would like help in selecting a captain. Capt Jonny’s direct number is listed beside his name. If he doesn’t answer right away he may be on the water and will return your call/text ASAP.